From beauty to business – How expert guidance can put you on the right track

About the business:

Brow Mumma is a boutique beauty business based in Woodend, specialising in eyebrow and lip services. Founded in 2022, Brow Mumma quickly gained a loyal clientele due to its focus on great service and customer satisfaction.

Initial challenge

When Natasha Colvin decided to launch her own beauty business, she knew that mastering the financial aspects was crucial for success. On the recommendation of a colleague, she connected with Caroline Johnston, Director to ensure her accounting and tax obligations were managed efficiently.

Our solution

Caroline provided comprehensive business mentoring right from the outset. She introduced Natasha to a tailored software solution for managing income and expenses, ensuring smooth financial reconciliation. Additionally, Caroline assisted with tax lodgements and the preparation of Activity and BAS Statements, offering ongoing support and guidance.


Thanks to Caroline’s expertise, Natasha has gained confidence in handling the financial aspects of her business. The implementation of the software solution streamlined her financial processes, allowing her to focus more on her clients and services. Caroline’s mentorship has been invaluable, providing Natasha with a sense of relief and stability. Caroline’s genuine interest in the success of Brow Mumma was evident through personalised advice and support.

Caroline’s expertise in business mentoring has been a game-changer for me. She not only helped me get organised financially but also provided invaluable guidance that boosted my confidence in running my business.