Like you, we know that every business and every market is different, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. It is for this reason, that when it comes to ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) matters it is likely you will need some support along the way.

The advisors at Bentleys can work alongside you and navigate any ESG concerns with you, while ensuring you understand exactly what is happening.

Bentleys can provide tailored services to help you address all your ESG related needs and risks.

  • Sustainable and Ethical Business Management;
  • Registered Greenhouse and Energy Audit;
  • Baseline Net Zero strategies;
  • Carbon reduction strategies;
  • Carbon farm management;
  • Carbon accounting;
  • Climate related-risk and preparedness;
  • Modern slavery reporting, and
  • Governance requirements; and more.

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While some businesses are in the early stages of planning their response to climate change and considering the appropriate actions needed to meet societal expectations, Businesses have a crucial role to play in the collective drive towards net zero. It is important for businesses to understand that business sustainability reaches beyond environmental or financial sustainability. At a rapid pace, legislative changes are forcing businesses to consider their ethical business management processes across supply chain with Modern Slavery statements, whistle blower policies, diversity and inclusion policies and more. Understanding what is involved in contemporary ESG matters is critical for business owners of all sizes, across all industries, as falling behind places your business at great risk.

It is now widely acknowledged that climate change poses a potential financial risk to companies in all industry sectors, and they should therefore clearly acknowledge in their financial reporting that climate change is potentially a financial risk to the business. If you don’t understand how your business is at risk, our advisors can take you through the mandatory reporting requirements and outline any risks that leave you exposed.

If you are yet to understand your business requirements in regards to ESG related matters, our advisors can work with you and guide you through the mandatory and voluntary requirements for your business.

Learn more in the Environmental, Social, and Governance Insights Report


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David was able to suitably analyse the situation, set realistic expectations, prepare coherent and persuasive arguments and eventually secure a significant rebate. The business couldn’t be happier.

Josh Fitzpatrick, Finance Manager National Wine Centre

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