Bentleys placed 13 among Australia's Top 100

On 9 November 2018, Bentleys was placed at number 13 in the Australian Financial Review’s list of Top 100 Accounting Firms in Australia – three places higher than last year.


“I’m very pleased with this improvement in our ranking as it affirms Bentleys’ commitment to our ongoing product and service development in response to changing client needs. It shows that Bentleys is evolving in unison with our clients,” said Tony Sacre, CEO of the Bentleys Network.

“As part of this evolution, Bentleys continues to expand its specialisations to deliver high value advisory services for aspiring businesses and entrepreneurial people,” Tony said.

“Today, our specialisations include strategic advisory services which aim to improve business performance, IT and HR consulting, international services, finance broking, corporate finance, wealth management, superannuation, and R&D tax, to name a few. These services are all in addition to our traditional accounting, audit and tax services, which many people depend upon.

“I believe that having the right breadth and depth of specialisation enables us to tailor the solutions that help our clients achieve their goals and get them to ‘where they want to be.’”