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Our CFO Advisory & Financial Modelling services are tailored to elevate your business through comprehensive financial forecasting, data-driven insights, and strategic guidance.

In this video, our Finance Analyst Campbell Kennett discusses the importance of using 3-way forecast models and data visualisation dashboards in Power BI and Excel to extract value from your data, enable in-depth analysis, and drive informed decision-making.

3-Way Financial Modelling & Scenario Planning
At the heart of our offerings is the transformative power of 3-Way Financial Modelling & Scenario Planning. By integrating Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow Statements through driver-based forecasts, we provide you with the financial clarity needed to navigate the future. Our 3-way financial forecast models are designed to help you explore various operational scenarios and understand the implications of your commercial decisions.

Data Reporting and Visualisation
Unlock the full potential of your data with our custom Data Reporting and Visualisation solutions that transform complex datasets into clear, actionable insights. Our interactive dashboards and intuitive reporting tools simplify data analysis, enabling an approach characterised by informed decision-making and effective stakeholder communication.

Business Performance Optimisation
Our Business Performance Optimisation services delve deep into your operational data, turning challenges into opportunities. From targeted analysis to revenue maximisation strategies, we leverage your business data to uncover actionable insights, ensuring you’re positioned to capitalise on every opportunity for scalable growth.

Strategic Advisory
Through our Strategic Advisory services which include market positioning analysis and custom strategy roadmaps, we work closely with you to design a path that aligns with your unique goals, monitoring progress through dynamic performance tracking. We guide your business’s journey with a strategy for success that adapts as your business evolves.

Solutions for You

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Case Study: How we helped a client in the Mining Services Industry

Our client required a 3-way forecast model to present to their bank when applying for finance.

Our client, a mining services provider, required a 3-way forecast model to secure financing from their bank. Banks will use 3-way forecasting as a tool to evaluate a business’s future performance and borrowing capacity. We built a bespoke financial model that allowed our client to project their operational performance and future cash flow requirements.

The forecast model incorporated both historical financials, and future projections based on key-driver assumptions used to build up to forecasted revenue and costs. This not only offered our client a comprehensive view of their overall financial position but also facilitated clear communication with the bank. This resulted in successful borrowing by our client, showcasing the ability of our tailored financial modelling to effectively communicate financial positioning.


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