Bentleys joins Allinial Global

The Bentleys Network is very pleased to announce it has joined Allinial Global (formerly PKF North America), a member-based association that has dedicated itself to the success of independent accounting and consulting firms since its founding in 1969.

Allinial Global is an international association of accounting and consulting firms, based in North America. With almost 23,000 staff across 183 member firms and 66 countries, the association offers international support by connecting its firms to relevant professional service providers worldwide, fostering the independence, profitability, and continuous improvement of its members.

The Bentleys Network has grown significantly over the past five years as a contemporary network of advisory and accounting firms, with offices in Australia, New Zealand and China. Recently, Bentleys was ranked 13 in Australia’s Top 100 by the Australian Financial Review. The Bentleys Network comprises over 700 staff across Australia, New Zealand and China. It is committed to supporting the international growth of its clients and to creating professional development opportunities for its people.

“We joined Allinial Global because of our strong commitment to working with our clients, and to simply helping them to get where they want to be,” said Tony Sacre, CEO of the Bentleys Network.

“Through this global association, we will have access to a global network of supporting infrastructure which will successfully facilitate our clients’ growth objectives, while simultaneously delivering cutting edge skill-building and niche information which is specifically designed to enrich our staff and broader organisational development,” he said.

“We will enjoy all the advantages of the new alliance, while still maintaining our independent status.”

Allinial Global firms continually seek new ways to better meet the needs of their clients. In this cooperative environment, firms share ideas, training programs, and technical expertise.

“We look forward to being active participants in the Allinial Global association, and to working closely with other successful and progressive firms from across the world. It is an exciting time to be part of the Bentleys Network,” said Tony.

For media enquiries,  please contact
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