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Prior to joining Bentleys NSW Roger was a partner of Selingers Chartered Accountants. Roger has more than 32 years’ experience in finance, taxation, audit and corporate law. He has advised a number of companies on a variety of taxation, structuring and financial issues.

Roger is a business services director who is responsible for assisting clients with statutory compliance, tax, corporate affairs and accounting. Roger also has extensive experience in audit and in the not-for-profit sectors including aged care, as well as real estate agencies and property development.

Roger’s major projects have included assisting clients with major property acquisitions and development;  assisting legal practices together with the ATO by providing report on offshore tax schemes; providing advice and assistance to a large Aged Care group in relation to acquisition statutory compliance and audit and undertaking audits in a wide range of industries as well as SMSF audits.

Our sponsorship goes beyond a financial arrangement. Bentleys offers opportunities for our athletes to become part of Bentleys and our members to become clients. We are a proud client of Bentleys.

Tony Blower, CEO Rowing NSW

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  • Chartered Accountant

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