“Clients often appreciate it when you show genuine interest in their concerns, listen attentively, and respond promptly with solutions tailored to their situation. Building honesty and trust also includes being honest regarding the limits of your knowledge. The emphasis on the personable approach is key to fostering long-term satisfaction and loyalty.”

Brendan is an experienced Director with a decade of hands-on experience overseeing diverse audit engagements. With a robust background in auditing, he has delivered assurance services to a wide spectrum of clients – spanning corporate entities, government agencies, and not-for-profit organisations.

During his academic tenure at UTAS, Brendan embarked on an internship with the Hobart City Council. Here, he spearheaded a pivotal project aimed at automating and enhancing the scope of management reporting. This led to a 12-month contract within the Finance – Rates department.

Brendan then embarked on another 12-month contract with electricity supplier – Aurora – lending his skills to the management accounting team. Brendan subsequently took up a graduate auditor position with a Big Four firm, where he honed his auditing skills, paving the way for his next career milestone within another large accounting practice. Over the next decade, Brendan continued down the auditing path and steadily climbed the ranks. His unwavering dedication and expertise propelled him into the role of Senior Manager, and his outstanding contributions and robust understanding of accounting technicalities earned him a coveted spot on the National Audit Technical and Advisory Committee and attained his Registered Company Auditor certification.

Brendan joined Bentleys Tasmania in June 2023 as an audit director and has since become the Tasmanian representative on the Bentleys National Audit Technical and Advisory Committee and the National Audit Training Resource Team.

Following his appointment as Director of External Audit at Bentleys Tasmania in 2023, Brendan developed a keen interest in the ESG sector. He recently achieved certification as a National Greenhouse and Energy Category 2 Auditor, the first in Tasmania, for the Clean Energy Regulator. Additionally, Brendan has played a pivotal role in leading the firm’s ESG division. He has been actively involved in numerous ESG advisory projects, providing expert guidance to governmental and private entities.

I chose Bentleys because they care. They care about knowing you and your future needs.

Individual/Family Client Queensland

Qualifications/Professional Memberships/Appointments

  • CER Category 2 Greenhouse and Energy Auditor
  • Chartered Accountants Australia New Zealand 
  • Bachelor of Business (Accounting & Economics)
  • Registered Company Auditor
  • Registered Fair Work Auditor

Specialist Areas

  • ESG and Carbon Accounting
  • SMSF Audit
  • Internal Audit

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