On 3 December 2020, Tracy Knight and Damien Lau of Bentleys Corporate Recovery were appointed as Voluntary Administrators of the following entities:

  • P2P Transport Limited (ACN 617 760 899)
  • Taxi-Link Pty Ltd (ACN 103 522 372)
  • TGT No 1 Pty Ltd (ACN 160 154 209)

(“the Companies”)

The network division, Black & White Cabs, has been recapitalised and will continue to operate as usual.

Second Meeting of Creditors

The second meeting of creditors has been convened in accordance with Section 439A to be held at 11:00am (AEST) on Tuesday, 19 January 2021.  The meetings for each of the Companies will be held concurrently.

The meetings will be held both electronically (preferred) and physically. Attendees are required to register their intention to attend the meetings.

Should you wish to attend and participate at the meeting, you must complete and return the following items by no later than 4:00pm (AEST), Monday 18 January 2021 to [email protected]:

  1. Meeting registration form (available online here)
  2. Proof of Debt (if you have not already done this)
  3. Appointment of Proxy (you must do this for each meeting).

Copies of these forms are available on the creditor portals (details provided below).

For further information regarding the Companies, please contact:


For shareholder queries: [email protected]
For creditor or general queries: [email protected]


(07) 3905 4560



For further details on the Companies, please refer to the Creditor Portal for each Company:

Entity Case Code Unique ID
P2P Transport Limited P2PTR01 BENTP2P
Taxi-Link Pty Ltd TAXIL01 BENTTAX