A future direction for Bentleys – a welcome from Tony Sacre, CEO – Bentleys Network.

We are delighted to be hosting the Bentleys Network Staff Training Conference 2022, being held from Wednesday 25 to Friday 27 May 2022 at the Adelaide Oval.

After a two-year hiatus, we look forward to welcoming around 100 Bentleys’ colleagues from across the country at the 2022 conference.

This year’s theme is ‘a future direction‘. Via our engaging program, we will explore the opportunities ahead of us to become a firm of the future.

This webpage will be the hub for all the information and details that will enhance your conference experience. We will send update  emails to registered delegates in the lead-up to the conference – and we also encourage you to re-visit this page over the next few weeks.

For now, we invite you to familiarise yourself with the conference program – and get ready for all that is in store.

Please reach out with any questions. We look forward to seeing you in Adelaide!

All the best,


(Personal note: I am also excited to advise that at our 2022 conference, we will be ‘doing our bit’ for the future via carbon offsetting initiatives. This is something that I, personally, am extremely passionate about. It’s also something that – as a Top 10 accounting firm – we can and should authentically achieve. See below for more details.)

Can you spare us 15 minutes?

Over recent months, the Bentleys’ HR Working Group have been working on a project which involves reviewing and developing our value proposition to employees (EVP). For us to continue to build and strengthen Bentleys’ EVP, we need to learn from you what you enjoy about working here, and what you want in your ideal workplace, so that we can continue to attract and retain great people like you.

To get the depth and quality of feedback that we need, we would appreciate it if you could take 15 minutes out of your day to answer some questions about your experience at Bentleys.

We understand that this is time that may be difficult to find right now – but this feedback will be fundamental in helping Bentleys to strengthen our staff recruitment and team management. We’re confident that you’ll find this to be time very well invested.


A future direction for the planet

At the 2022 conference, we are embracing the opportunity to demonstrate that at Bentleys – we are focussed on the future. We will do this by offsetting our carbon footprint for the conference in the following ways:

  • Purchasing carbon credits

We are aiming to calculate the estimated carbon footprint of the Bentleys Network Staff Training Conference 2022, and will be purchasing carbon credits to offset these emissions. This purchase – coupled with other initiatives outlined below – are our way of ‘walking the talk’ and making a real difference for the planet.

  • We are going paperless and merchandise & collateral free

At this year’s conference, there will be no printed programs or presentation notes – and no merchandise or collateral provided. Our experience is that often these types of materials end up in landfill. Instead, we will be uploading all of the information (such as programs and relevant session notes) onto this conference webpage. We encourage delegates to bring your laptop and/or devices with you to the conference (don’t forget to bring battery power, power banks, etc as well!)

  • We will be limiting single use products (coffee cups/water bottles/straws/etc)

We will be working with the venue to reduce single use products, and prioritising recyclable options where necessary. To support this we encourage everyone to bring their own keep cup and/or water bottle if you can. Stations will be set up to facilitate water and tea/coffee service.

  • Our catering options will aim to reduce food wastage

We will be offering menu options that reduce overall food wastage, and are sourced sustainably. (For example, we’ll be aiming to select locally sourced menus wherever available. With the fine fare available in Adelaide – we see this as a ‘win-win’!)

Ways that you can be involved:

  • Carbon offset your flights

If it’s possible, we encourage all offices to tick the ‘fly carbon neutral’ option on flight bookings. The small additional cost on individual fares adds up to a significant carbon offset across our wider group.

  • Aim for sustainable airport transit options

If you have delegates from your office arriving together, can you organise airport shuttles rather than individual taxis or ubers?

  • Reuse towels in hotel rooms

For delegates staying in the hotel accommodation at Adelaide Oval, you can reduce laundering by hanging up your bathroom towels for reuse. (Additional tip – leave the “do not disturb” tag on your door during the conference, and this will ensure that your linen is not refreshed. (please note, this also means your room will not be serviced)). Want more eco-friendly travel tips? See the link below.