Bridging the gap: How strategic support sustained a national provider

Neil Aristoteli is the Group Finance Manager for Australian Essential Services Compliance (AESC), a national provider of independent risk and compliance management services, managing a portfolio of over 400 customers and 13,000 properties across all States and Territories. Based in Brisbane, Neil leads a team of nine and has been in this role for four years. He collaborates closely with Ross Collier, Barbara King, and the team in Woodend.

Ross has been a trusted advisor to the Directors for many years. When Neil started, Ross was proactive and helpful, providing insights that helped Neil understand the business he was joining.

Initial challenge

AESC faced a significant challenge with a growing business and workforce, plus a finance team member went on extended leave. With the finance team understaffed, Neil needed immediate support to fill the gap and maintain the team’s efficiency.

Our solution

Ross and Barbara stepped in to provide crucial support to the finance team during this period. Their contributions included:

  • Completing BAS
  • Reviewing expenses
  • Assisting with payroll

This additional support was over and above their usual responsibilities. Their solution-focused approach and practical support were invaluable during this challenging time.


Ross and the team successfully helped AESC overcome the staff shortage by providing proactive and practical support. Their willingness to go above and beyond ensured that the finance team could continue operating smoothly. Ross and Barbara’s responsiveness and accommodation in meeting AESC’s needs have reinforced their value as trusted advisors.

Ross’s insights when I first started were invaluable, and his continued support alongside Barbara’s has been crucial in maintaining our operations smoothly, especially when we needed extra assistance to cover a staff shortage.