Income Protection for Small Business Owners in Australia


A small business owner had taken out an income protection insurance policy to protect her and her family against the loss of income. She subsequently had an accident resulting in injuries which affected her ability to perform a number of duties crucial to her business. As the trusted business adviser, Bentleys recognised the potential for a successful claim and guided her through the claims process.

Who, what, where

Rachel Telford is the owner of Darwin-based business consultancy, Telford Business Solutions.
As a small business owner, Rachel has entrusted Bentleys to provide advice relating to tax management, business acquisition and financial planning which included personal insurance advice.

Bentleys service: Business advisory

The challenge

Telford Business Solutions has received tailored business advisory services from Bentleys including identifying the most appropriate insurance policy for Rachel Telford, the business owner. Bentleys achieved this by evaluating Rachel’s circumstances to assess the level of risk to her, her family and the business in the event of an injury or temporary disablement rendering her unable to work. The next step was an extensive review of insurance providers and products to identify which best suited her needs.

Bentleys advised a three-month waiting period for her income protection policy. During this no-claim period, she had an accident, which reduced her capacity to work and drive.

Bentleys support

Bentleys contacted Ms Telford’s insurance provider to seek clarity on a particular feature of her policy that paid a benefit for specific injuries regardless of the life insured’s capacity to work and whether or not they had suffered any loss of income.
In supporting Ms Telford in navigating the process, the Bentleys adviser was able to secure an insurance payout for her injury well within the three-month waiting period.

The outcome

  • Bentleys identified a clause in Rachel’s policy which entitled her to a specific injury claim
  • Rachel received two months’ salary from the successful insurance claim.


“Bentleys genuinely care for their clients. They considered my individual circumstances when recommending an appropriate policy and supported me right through the claim process. The level of support I received following my accident is a testament of a business going the extra mile.”

My adviser was detail-oriented and was flexible in his approach, helping me to achieve a great outcome. I will definitely use them again.” Rachel Telford, Business Owner


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The Bentleys team are actively involved and we don’t just get handballed to someone in the back office.

Ross Williams MACA Limited
Ind/Family, Bus Services, Queensland, Bentleys

Over 41 years of association with Bentleys, I have never had one problem with them. They have always been most helpful and delivered a first class job for us.

Family Group Client Queensland
Small cropped image of Bruce Lines, Chief Operating Officer at The University of Adelaide

Bentleys is a valued partner, delivering outcomes for The University of Adelaide. They challenged us to extract more value from the National Wine Centre and provided pragmatic recommendations.

Bruce Lines, Chief Operating Officer The University of Adelaide