Supporting Australian Schools to Meet Statutory Responsibilities

Since our first education sector appointment as auditors to a cluster of leading independent schools in 1998, we have been honing our expertise and have a well-established independent school’s specific approach and program.

Our strength in the sector has seen us appointed as auditors to numerous education entities – including a number of schools, peak bodies in education, and as census auditors for the Commonwealth Department of Education and Training, Queensland Department of Education and the Non-State Schools Accreditation Board.

Our school census audit engagements entailed some in-depth work which involved reconstructing a school’s census return from enrolment and attendance data. In particular, this engagement required:

  • Assessment of internal controls regarding the collection and recording of student attendance data. This included reviewing class attendance sheets, reviewing school policies and procedures then interviewing teachers to confirm whether these procedures were being complied with
  • Reconstruction of enrolment data from the school’s enrolment system (Denbigh) and supporting documentation such as enrolment data. Census data was reconstructed into the following categories:
    • Total students (full time/part-time)
    • Indigenous students (full time/part-time)
    • Students with disabilities (full time/part-time)
    • Students on visas (full time/part-time)
    • Overseas Students (full time/part-time)
    • Borders (full time/part-time)
    • Distance Education students (full time/part-time)
    • Indigenous Distance Education Students (full time/part-time)

How can we help you?

Ensuring that every child achieves his or her full potential at school is the driving force for both private and public schools. Balancing the many demands of education with the ongoing government funding debate can present serious financial challenges to some schools. We understand that it can be challenging to meet educational demands, particularly if your school is financially stretched.

We can meet your statutory responsibilities and enhance your school’s financial performance by:

  • Providing a representative for your board or committee
  • Advising on governance
  • Preparing your annual audits
  • Preparing acquittal audits
  • Planning cashflow
  • Preparing forecasts
  • Providing taxation and accountancy services
  • Cashflow planning and forecasting
  • Preparing risk reviews
  • Modelling proposed business cases
  • Preparing Management reports
  • Providing financial accounting
  • Advising on goods and services tax (GST) and fringe benefit tax (FBT) compliance
  • Advising on business structuring


We have a strong track record as experts and trusted advisors in the education sector and work with a steadily growing client base of high calibre education providers.

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Testimonial, Queensland Education

I like the team's professionalism. We always get a prompt response to our queries and have trust and confidence in their knowledge.

Education Sector Client Queensland
Tony Blower with his team at Bentleys Rowing Event

Our sponsorship goes beyond a financial arrangement. Bentleys offers opportunities for our athletes to become part of Bentleys and our members to become clients. We are a proud client of Bentleys.

Tony Blower, CEO Rowing NSW