Helping clients increase pension balances and best structure SMSF investments

At Bentleys, we are committed to living out our values – and in doing so, delivering the best outcomes for our clients.


We are pleased to share this case study in how our team’s authentic relationships with clients and connected, collaborative internal environment helped this Brisbane client achieve their goals in increasing their pension balance and best structuring their SMSF investments.

Client’s goal

Our client was seeking a review of her superannuation arrangements to ensure they were still appropriate for her current circumstances.

The client had sold an investment property within the SMSF and was currently invested in large amount of cash.

The client also wanted to ensure her superannuation assets were invested appropriately in the current market climate and managed efficiently so they could continue to grow and have a return higher than inflation.

Our recommendation

Our Best Interest Duty (BID) indicated that due to the simplicity of the client’s circumstances, it was not cost effective to continue to use a SMSF structure for her pension benefits (however, it was the client’s preference to retain the SMSF for now).

We then recommended the client establish a new investment platform within her SMSF and invest via specific investment structures that were best suited to her situation and objectives.

Outcomes / Benefits

Our recommendations provided a cost-effective solution to help increase the client’s investment returns, as well as ensuring the SMSF investments aligned with her tolerance to investment risk. The investment structure we recommended also reduced the administration requirements for making changes to her SMSF investment portfolio, and simplified the management of their superannuation (pension) assets.

Celebrating success

At Bentleys, we celebrate success and give credit where it’s due. We enjoy sharing positive stories and case studies both within our team, and with our community.

It’s one of the ways we foster pride in excellent service and live out our values.

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