Demonstrate good corporate governance

Effective corporate governance is about more than policies and procedures. Your directors and board must be actively involved in decision making across your organisation, and for this they need reliable and timely information and advice.

Bentleys’ experienced internal audit specialists provide independent business advice to reassure your board they are appropriately discharging their responsibilities.

We can help your board and management demonstrate good corporate governance by:

  • Measuring and improving business performance
  • Identifying business deficiencies
  • Reviewing board and sub-committee charters
  • Reviewing strategic and corporate planning processes
  • Assessing board and sub-committee performance, including individual director assessments
  • Assessing board control including delegations and policy setting
  • Preparing independent performance audits and valuations of specific activities
  • Investigating allegations and complaints
  • Creating a fraud-resistant structure.




How robust is your internal environment? Talk to us about a comprehensive risk assessment of your organisation’s business cycles, such as payroll, expenditure, revenue and asset management. We will also test computer controls and check compliance with legislative and policy requirements.

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