In 2015 the Australian Government introduced a scheme called The Emissions Reduction Fund that aims to provide incentives for a range of organisations and individuals to adopt new practices and technologies to reduce their emissions. When we cut carbon emissions we help ensure cleaner air, water, and food for our generation and for generations yet to come.

There are a number of activities eligible under the scheme and participants can earn Australian carbon credit units (ACCUs) for emissions reductions through storage or avoidance, and these ACCUs can be sold to generate income, either to the government through a carbon abatement contract or to private businesses.

Bentleys is a registered Auditor with the Australian Government Clean Energy Regulator, National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting and can ensure farmers, agribusinesses and other businesses remain compliant throughout their carbon emissions reduction projects.

In addition to emissions stored or avoided and earning ACCUs, Emission Reduction Fund projects can provide a range of other benefits including;

  • Improving water quality, reducing soil erosion
  • Improving farm resilience and sustainability through increased diversity of land-use
  • Improving the productivity of farms by replenishing the carbon content of soils.
  • Lowering the emissions profile and reducing energy costs by increasing energy efficiency for Australian businesses

Bentleys provides expert assistance to clients looking to explore what difference they can make to their agribusiness through sustainable business practices via carbon farming and also to those who have commenced their journey.

We work with clients on all ESG related needs and risks including;

  • Sustainable and Ethical Business Management;
  • Registered Greenhouse and Energy Audit;
  • Baseline Net Zero strategies;
  • Carbon reduction strategies;
  • Carbon farm management;
  • Carbon accounting;
  • Climate related-risk and preparedness;
  • Modern slavery reporting, and
  • Governance requirements; and more.

Explore what difference carbon farming and sustainable business practices can make to your agribusiness. Contact a Bentleys office near you.

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