The top ten apps that could change your business

Technology has made us more connected to our workplace than ever before, effectively linking us to our jobs 24/7. But it has also provided us with the tools to do our jobs more efficiently.

Good business apps and technologies can help increase productivity – and make life a little easier and more organised along the way.

Here we reveal 10 of the top business apps and technologies that are set to make an impact on our work lives in 2018:


Trello is a project management app that tracks your team’s workflow. The app allows you to create boards, lists and cards to organise and prioritise projects and work more collaboratively and effectively as a team. Staff members, comments, attachments, checklists, due dates and labels can be added to each ‘job’ card. It connects through existing technology, with team members receiving notifications via email or their mobile devices when changes are made to the projects they’re involved with.


Pushover is super handy if you have more than one phone or device. Pushover sends ‘push’ messages to any smartphone and organises messages and notifications from your devices in one common space. The app allows you to send up to 7,500 messages per month and receive unlimited notifications.

Edge computing

Edge computing is the new buzz word in computation and processing. As our use of drones, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and other robotic technologies increases, so does our need to process vast amounts of information quickly and effectively. Edge computing reduces the communication bandwidth needed for cloud computing – and eliminates the latency between sensors and the cloud.

Digital ‘twins’

Digital twins are digital representations of real-world systems – offering real-world information. These representations can respond to changes or improve operations, potentially saving companies millions of dollars in maintenance, repair and operations.

Evernote Scannable

At a business meeting and need to scan a report quickly and efficiently? Evernote Scannable is a mobile scanning app that allows you to scan business cards, reports, files and meeting notes. The app also connects to LinkedIn and offers text-parsing to unscramble jumbled documents.


Customers don’t always make enquiries between 9 and 5. HappyFox is a help desk and customer support software solution that allows you and your staff to support your customers 24/7. You can answer calls, search for customer-specific information and resolve problems using a ‘support ticketing system’ whether you’re in the office, or out in the field.

Conversational platforms

Will conversational platforms be the way we communicate with the online world in the future? Some tech experts believe so. Rather than a user learning how a computer communicates, conversational platforms enable the user to convey their intent using natural language – effectively turning the way we interact in the digital world on its head.

My Minutes

In today’s pressured multi-tasking environment, staying focused on the task at hand is a challenge. My Minutes is a personal time tracking app that allows you to set a task – whether it be exercising, checking emails or reading reports – and stick to it. A little like a budget…but for your time.


Working on a top-secret project? Signal software offers military grade encryption of all your messaging and voice calls – including text messages, group messages and media attachments.


Inspiration for email marketing doesn’t always come when you’re sitting at your desk. MailChimp allows you to launch email campaigns, monitor existing campaigns, update subscriber details and run reports – all from your mobile device.

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