Top 6 ‘must listen to’ business podcasts that will keep you inspired

In an increasingly online era, tapping into news and business insights via podcasts is a convenient and entertaining way to stay across new ideas and perspectives. Ryan Rostron from Bentleys in Emerald (Central Queensland) shares some insights on business podcasts that offer a fresh take on business.

We hope the insights contained within this package of podcasts serve to inspire you. Feel free to contact us to explore any new thinking they may trigger for your business.

Get ready to tune up your business brain with this festival of beneficial listening.

1. The Future, This week

The University of Sydney’s Dr Sandra Peter (Director of Sydney Business Insights) and Professor Kai Riemer (department of Information Technology and Organisation) meet weekly on The Future, This Week to share insights into ‘megatrends’, including impactful technology, demographic change, rapid urbanisation, climate and resource security, and more.

Find out everything you need to know on topics as diverse as the global logistics crisis, emerging innovation, politics at work, unpacking the gig economy, and even how Squid Game is re-shaping the future of movies and television. You’ll overcome the slight difficulty of following the presenters’ accents as the cutting-edge topics they discuss are quite fascinating.

2. No Limitations

No Limitations is a series of inspiring and honest conversations with elite world class performing men and women, hosted by executive search firm Blenheim Partners.

The substantive series of 86 podcasts dates back to 2018, to provide compelling, personal insights from extraordinary individuals including retired Major General of the Australian Defence Force, Jeff Sengelman DSC AM CSC, CEO of Deliveroo Ed McManus, Olympian Anna Meares OAM, and former public servant, businessman and engineer, Tim Besley AC.

The podcast is available from the organisation’s website, or from your preferred app. Apple Podcast customer reviews rate it 4.9 out of 5.

3. Harvard Business Review IdeaCast

The HBR IdeaCast is best described using the site’s own words: ‘A weekly podcast featuring the leading thinkers in business and management’.

Subscribe via Apple or Google Podcasts, Spotify or RSS, and dip into the vital issues of today. Lie back and listen as experts explain how to fight the Great Resignation by re-recruiting your current employees (Episode 830), how to build successful hybrid teams (Episode 811) and how to streamline your company’s strategy (Episode 789). You may even want to sample HBR podcasts from every year since they began in 2006, when the titles were shorter and snappier (Enlightened Leadership) and the very first episode 15 years ago included a discussion of a startlingly prescient HBR feature, ‘Preparing for a Pandemic’.

4. Mind Body Brain Project

Paul Taylor, an Australian neuroscientist, physiologist, nutritionist and psychologist, interviews global experts on the latest research into Mind Body Brain, and their improvement.

The weekly episodes can be as short as 20 minutes or last well over an hour. The content can be either controversial (e.g. ‘The Elephant in the COVID Room’, 2/10/2021, discussing why we might all have to learn to live with COVID) or strictly practical (for example ‘Optimising Your Immune System’, 8/8/2021), and even if you don’t always subscribe to the theories, you will almost certainly find them thought-provoking.

5. Turia Pitt is Hard Work

Turia Pitt, former mining engineer, was caught in a grass fire while competing in an ultra-marathon, and recovered against overwhelming odds with burns to 65 per cent of her body. Since then, she’s competed in the Ironman world championships, walked the Kokoda Track and written several bestselling books.

In Turia Pitt is Hard Work she interviews her peers, leading exemplars of resilience in varying fields, notably extreme athletics and severe medical, physical or mental challenges. Each podcast lasts for between 45 and 50 minutes, and since it’s only been running since August 2021 you’ll soon catch up. Apple Podcast customer reviews rate it 4.9 out of 5.

6. Daily Tech News Show

Keep up to date with the current tech issues and opportunities with Daily Tech News Show.

While a daily dose of tech may be a little too much for some, the episodes are punchy to provide digestible and interesting insights into tech trends and opportunities. And while the hosts are based in the US, they regularly dial in presenters from Australia, New Zealand and other parts of the world to make perspectives relevant to all.

The podcast for 1 December 2021 is a typical example, checking in on the latest developments in autonomous vehicles, and discussing Facebook’s plan to delay end-to-end encryption in Messenger as a result of child safety concerns. Read 5-minute Daily Tech Headlines if you prefer a short tech news digest.

Each podcast lasts for approximately 30 minutes. Alternatively, download an MP3 version, or watch it on YouTube, or click ‘Listen later’ to send yourself an email reminder with a link. Subscribe for $US3 per month to avoid the ads.

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