Our farmers are the backbone of our country’s economy and GDP. Our beef industry in particular punches well above its weight on a global scale.

Australia owns 2.8% of the global beef herd and controls 4% of global beef production. Almost half (12.9 million) of our 26.5 million head of cattle are breeding stock. Not bad for a country that’s home to only 0.3% of the world’s population and 2% of the global economy.

As a result, capital sourcing via partnerships with international investors is rapidly gaining traction in agricultural markets. We are seeing increasing interest in working with Australian agriculture from all areas of the globe – Asia, Europe, United States and the Middle East. More and more Australian farmers are talking to international investors.

International investments show signs of becoming a major driver for growth in the rural sector. Increased international investment means more opportunity to strengthen and grow as well as increased visibility on the global stage. To take advantage of these exciting opportunities, farming businesses need to prepare and “think globally”. Successfully finding investment partners can be a complex journey.

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Key steps for preparing your business for international investment

Following some key steps can start you off on the right foot:

Get the right tools

Investment opportunity profiles and information memorandums will attract prospective investment partners to your business.

Get “investor ready”

Review your financial and business data to ensure that you have the key information sought by investors.

Put the right structure in place

The right business structuring is essential to attract investors best suited for your business.

Engage investors

Develop and create key messages about your investment opportunity and pitch to prospective investors.

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