Article // COVID-19, Business Advisory Solutions

Ways for your business to survive in a crisis

Tony Sacre, CEO, Bentleys Network

With the outbreak of COVID-19, and the subsequent setting and easing of restrictions, people all around the world have been forced to adapt.

Article // COVID-19, Business Tax Advisory

12 tax tips for businesses, as we approach year end in the GHC

Tim Lyford

These 12 tax tips will help you minimise your risk and manage your tax liability for 2020

Article // Government, Business Tax Advisory

Tax Alert // Director Penalty Notice Regime

Tim Lyford

Recently the Government passed legislation to include Goods and Services Tax (‘GST’), wine equalisation tax

Article // Education, Business Advisory Solutions

Super Alert // Salary sacrificing changes

Jannie vanDeventer

Salary sacrificing changes and information for employers From 1 January 2020, salary sacrificed super contributions

Article // Education

New year, new career? Here are 3 key tips for those looking for opportunities in professional services

Heidi Mayhew-Sanders

The beginning of the year is the ideal time to reflect on your professional career and set goals for the year ahead.

Article // Individual/Family, Financial Planning and Wealth Advisory Services

Super Alert // Do you have multiple employers?

Chris Hodgins

Are you eligible to opt out of receiving super guarantee? As a result of recent

Article // Individual/Family, Business Tax Advisory

Tax Alert // Motor vehicle data matching program

Tim Lyford

The ATO will obtain information from the State and Territory motor vehicle registration authorities on

Article // SME/Private Company

The merits of a good business mentor

Luke Burgess

Running a business can be all-consuming, and it can be easy to get distracted from

Article // Government

Collaboration and enterprise leadership

Tony Sacre

For me, enterprise leadership is the single most important aspect of executive leadership philosophy –

Article // Individual/Family, Business Tax Advisory

How changes to PAYG withholding obligations can affect your business

Dean Steer

Is your business ready for the changes coming to PAYG withholding?

Article // SME/Private Company

Understanding the business life cycle

Chris Nicoloff

“One of the paradoxes of success is that the things…which got you there are seldom

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