VIDEO: Tips for leaders of growing businesses

Peter Ferreira is a Leadership Coach, Director of Ecue Facilitation and Consulting Services and Guest Presenter at the upcoming MktReady Incubator – programmed by Bentleys.

Peter is a leadership specialist who works with business owners and leaders across many industries to provide leadership coaching and support that brings out the very best in people. He has delivered leadership training and workshops for more than 25 years, and he brings energy and stories from his extensive adventures from around the world to provide program participants with new ways of thinking about leadership in their business.

In this video, Peter reveals the “Triple S” approach for business success and provides a sneak peak of the tips and approaches he’ll be sharing in the Leadership module in the MktReady Incubator: the program for food businesses who want to be key players in the Queensland food industry.

Are you a food business ready to build, scale and grow?

As a part of Brisbane Marketing’s Future Food Initiative, this program will serve up workshops, tools, techniques and approaches – delivered by Bentleys and industry experts – that will help your food business to tackle the challenges that come with growth.

You will also have opportunities to meet and network with investors, industry leaders and colleagues whose passion for growth and collaboration mirrors yours.

Program completed. Contact us for more info.

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