Bentleys Tasmania Congratulates Registration as a Category 2 Greenhouse and Energy Auditor

Bentleys Tasmania is pleased to announce that Director Brendan Lovell has been successfully registered as a Category 2 Greenhouse and Energy Auditor, the first in Tasmania and one of two within the Bentleys Group.

The significance of Greenhouse Gas emissions accounting and reporting has steadily risen in recent years. As organisations face mounting pressure to disclose their long-term ESG commitments transparently and comply with evolving regulations, the need for forward-thinking emissions accounting and auditing has become more apparent. 

Greenhouse and Energy Audits play a crucial role in compliance monitoring. They are used for various purposes, including ensuring participants’ adherence to legislation. The Australian Government, through the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Act (NGER), has outlined three types of NGER Audits:

  • Reasonable assurance in-depth and across the entire corporate report, so the auditor can give reasonable assurance to the reader that there are no material issues with the company’s emissions report;
  • Limited assurance across the entire corporate report but in limited depth, so the audit report is stated in the negative: that the auditor did not find material issues with the company’s emissions report and
  • Verification Audit looks at specific aspects of the company’s emissions report, and the auditor reports only the facts without giving an assurance opinion.

The team at Bentleys Tasmania is committed to providing their clients with leading tax, advisory and accounting services. Brendan’s registration now means they can supplement these with access to high-level Greenhouse and Energy Audit, further extending the firm’s ability to provide a full range of professional services under one roof.

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