Governance – ACNC Compliance Report

The ACNC has released their Charity Compliance Report 2018 which provides a high level summary of the work of the ACNC for 2018. A summary is provided below.

90 investigations finalised  
16 Revocations 71 Regulatory advice issued
24 Compliance agreements 39 Penalty warning letters
31 Preliminary enquiries 18 Penalty notices issued
1 Revocation following registration review of entitlement 113 Double defaulter revocations
87 Risk assessments completed $11.9b Charities subject to compliance cases controlled over $11.9 billion in assets.

The ACNC have shared their focus areas for investigations into complaints about charities.

Fraud and financial mismanagement

Terrorism Failure to safeguard people

Political or unlawful activities

  • Including money laundering, tax avoidance, private benefit.
  • Misuse of a charity for terrorist purposes or to foster extremism. This includes charities that support terrorism (financially or otherwise), and/or connections to a listed terrorist organisation, or a person or entity of concern.
  • Particularly children and vulnerable adults.
  • Where the charity may be at risk of having a disqualifying purpose.

We encourage all entities registered with the ACNC (and other NFPs) to read this document as it provides great information which will assist those charged with governance of NFPs.

The document includes a case study of how a charity dealt with a fraud case, some common examples of where charities have been found to be acting for a private benefit, a reminder about the ACNC Governance standards and information about new standards for Australian Charities operating overseas.

Visit the ACNC website to download a copy of the report.


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