Article // Government, Legal advisory

Modern Slavery – are you aware of your requirements by 31 March 2021?

John Reen, Steven Forgione

Does it affect you? If you are an Australian entity with annual consolidated revenue of

Article // Government

Tax Alert: March 2021

Recently, the ATO in conversation with the Senior Advocate at The Tax Institute apologised for

Article // COVID-19, Business Advisory

Victorian Government announces new business support package

Mandy Findlow, James Hyett

The Premier of Victoria, has announced further assistance for Victorian businesses.

Article // Individual/Family, Finance

Should I lock in my home loan rate?

Jarrod Hodges

With historically low interest rates, people often ask whether they should have a fixed or variable home loan rate. We investigate the options.

Article // Individual/Family, Tax Advisory

The importance of timing in estate and tax planning

Vicki Cremona

Estate planning | The importance of timing in estate and tax planning

Article // Individual/Family, SMSF Solutions

What will happen to my SMSF if I lose capacity?

Peta Grenfell, Jodi Lupton

Staying on top of your super is vital for a secure retirement.

Article // Individual/Family, SMSF Solutions

Choosing a trustee for your SMSF

Peta Grenfell, Jodi Lupton

Choosing a trustee structure for your self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF) is an important decision. When

Article // Individual/Family, SMSF Solutions

Resources for SMSF Trustees

Peta Grenfell, Jodi Lupton

As a trustee, it is important that you remain educated and are supported with resources

Article // Individual/Family

What is an SMSF and what are the benefits?

Peta Grenfell, Jodi Lupton

Today, more than 1.1 million Australians manage their own superannuation through Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSFs)

Article // Individual/Family, SMSF Solutions

Is an SMSF right for you?

Peta Grenfell, Jodi Lupton

A growing number of Australians are looking to manage their own superannuation through a self-managed

Article // COVID-19, Tax Advisory

How to overcome pandemic fatigue

Geoff Missen

Bentleys | Overcoming pandemic fatigue

Article // COVID-19, Tax Advisory

Preparing for the new year

Tony Sacre

Bentleys | Welcoming the new year, 2021

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