Bentleys enters the AFR Top 500 Private Firms in Australia

Bentleys among Australia’s top 500 private firms

Bentleys Australia has entered the AFR’s list of Top 500 Private Firms in Australia, placed confidently at 452.

“Bentleys’ placement within the top 500 private firms in Australia is representative of the hard work and innovative approach to business we’ve been working on for some time,” said Mr Tony Sacre, CEO of the Bentleys Network.

“This ranking reflects the strength of our network and is a testament to our continued focus on product and service development through customer insight,” he said.

“In recent years, to help our clients achieve their goals, we have enhanced our service offering to include an expanding range of specialisations, such as R&D taxation services, superannuation and wealth management advice, and strategic business advisory.

“Finally, as a cricket fan, Don Bradman’s highest score was 452. To me, his results embodied the success that comes from hard work and a dedicated focus – another Bentleys trait.

“It is therefore indeed an honour for Bentleys to be listed at number 452.”

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