Federal Government expands JobKeeper

Recently, the Australian Federal Government released new rules on the JobKeeper wage subsidy scheme to effectively extend the scheme for a further six months until 28 March 2021. With new testing requirements and reduced cash payments, the government has dubbed this ‘JobKeeper Version 2.1’ or the ‘JobKeeper Extension’.

Businesses continue to face numerous challenges throughout these times with weakened economic activity putting exceedingly large levels of strain on most businesses. The key question is: how can you plan and prepare to guide your business successfully through these difficult times?

JobKeeper has been a lifeline for many businesses, it may continue to support your business for another one month, or up to seven months, however what happens when this support from the government is no longer available?

How is your business positioned?


Not eligible for JobKeeper

Receiving JobKeeper now, but not eligible for JobKeeper 2.1

Eligible for JobKeeper 2.1

Is your business currently surviving or thriving as a result of the stimulus JobKeeper has provided to the economy, but have you considered how the changes will affect your customers and the flow on effect of that on your business? Is your business currently receiving JobKeeper but will not after 30th September?

Have you assessed how this will affect your business?


Is your business currently receiving Jobkeeper and will you still be eligible post September 2020, if so how will the reduced rates affect your business?


How we can help

Our business services team is working through these business issues every day. We can assist you with an end-to-end solution or provide support with a particular aspect that addresses your business need. We offer the following services.

Business health check

It can be difficult to impartially review your own business, or to find the time. We can help by bringing our expertise to assist in the full review of your business. This can include the review of why you are in business, what you are trying to achieve and the creation of both long and short term goals along with key performance indicators to help you step out your pathway to success.
We can also assist in the ongoing process with regular discussions and review of progress, providing coaching where needed and continue the review of key business metrics.

Financial modelling services

A good financial model sets out the key drivers of a business, which can be flexed to depict future cash flows for decision making.
We combine accounting, finance and business metrics in order to create a representation of a business or asset. We forecast into the future using a robust, flexible and comprehensive financial model.
Our valuation experts have the relevant knowledge and experience to assess the true value of a business providing both a capitalised/enterprise value and equity value.

Sensitivity analysis

In addition to financial modelling we can assist with sensitivity analysis projecting the financial impact of key business decisions. This may include analysis for things such as break-even analysis, departmental profitability, allocation of funds, impact of spending decisions, capital investment, etc.

Business checklists

We have bespoke business checklists that business owners can work through to assess how their business is positioned and key risks that need to be addressed. This is a great starting point for a strategic discussion on the next steps to take.

Finance experience

We work with business owners from large national companies to small SME family owned business to ensure an optimal financing package including structure, price, security and lending covenants. Our experience covers the full spectrum of financing solutions ranging from traditional senior debt funding to complex private equity structures.

We’ll complete an objective appraisal of your finance and lending needs, taking into account your financial strengths and risk tolerance, as well as your short and long term financial objectives. No matter how complex or simple the circumstances or structures, we are confident in our ability to deliver cost effective options to benefit you or your business.

Further information

At Bentleys, we are doing everything we can to help businesses come out of this challenging time in good shape. Following are some resources is further information to assist.

Australian Taxation Office:

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