The Bentleys’ Network BD team is actively raising awareness of, and generating new business opportunities for our network. And they are doing it in a number of ways

1. Useful resources

Key resources that you can use to support the business development success of your team include:

  • IbisWorld: IBISWorld’s information database provides a wealth of information on the Australian and New Zealand economies. Their 30-to-40 page industry research reports are their core products. Their team of dedicated, specialist economists and expert analysts constantly research economic, demographic and governmental statistics – so you don’t have to. To access IbisWorld reports, CLICK HERE.
  • TenderSearch: We have an Australia wide subscription to this tender platform. Please contact your local BD representative to access this platform, or contact [email protected]

2. Bentleys brand assets

All brand assets are managed, developed, shared and stored in a secure working portal within the Network’s secure BD portal.

We regularly review and extend our style guide to ensure currency, cohesion and congruence of our brand.

If you would like to access a logo, video, template or anything branded, please contact your local BD representative or email [email protected] to access our brand assets.

3. Aspire

Aspire is community building program, which aims to deliver valuable learning opportunities to business leaders, connecting them to Bentleys advisors to help them achieve their goals.

While we pivoted away from this campaign in 2020 to support our clients in their response to COVID-19, we will re-ignite this campaign in 2021. The program is likely to include business productivity quizzes, thought leadership pieces and plenty of other digital activity.

Once a business operator’s needs are identified, we connect them to the proximate Bentleys advisor for support.

We encourage you to invite your prospective clients to join Aspire. They can do so by subscribing to the program on this page:

4. Targeted campaigns

We work with each of Bentleys’ 14 collaborative and specialist teams to give them a voice in our Network’s marketing and communications.

One of the most prolific teams is the Tax Technical Advisory Committee (or Tax TAC). Each year we conduct a Federal Budget campaign, which is viewed over 150,000 times on digital media alone. These campaigns help us to raise awareness of both Bentleys, and the expertise we offer.


This page will be developed over the coming months to increase access to Bentleys marketing and BD benefits. Please return soon.

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