Learning and development

The HR Working Group is taking learning and development at Bentleys to the next level.

1. LMS

Leveraging the development and success of our Queensland business, offices from across the Network have started to implement the Go1 Learning Management System (LMS) to support the growth and development of their people.

Go1 is an advanced aggregator of professional services courses and training program. It also enables us to upload our own customised courses, to support the development of our advisors and corporate services staff.

Want to learn more? We encourage you to speak with your local HR representative, or contact [email protected]

2. Developing a culture of collaboration

The HR Working Group is actively seeking to build a stronger culture across our network with exciting plans that include refreshing our brand values – due for launch in 2021.

3. Useful resources

Bentleys has a range of subscriptions, including Thomson Reuter’s Checkpoint, to provide a broad range of resources for today’s advisors and accountants.

If you are not already, but would like to access Checkpoint, please contact us on [email protected]

What else is important to you? What sort of culture would you thrive in? Speak with your local HR representative or share your thoughts on [email protected]