IT solutions

The Bentleys’ IT working group is building capability and enabling efficiency gains within the Bentley Network, through the design and implementation of a shared eco-system.

1. A shared eco-system

We have a vision of a flexible system that enables each member firm to select the applications and benefits that meets their own needs. Office 365 is providing a very effective platform for our Intranet, and is also supporting our roll out of a shared CRM and our Power BI use.

What are the solutions that would be valuable for your office? Share your thinking at [email protected] and help us build a stronger network.

2. Bentleys IQ

Our IQ intranet is testament to the work of our IT working group. Integrating a multi-tenant SharePoint intranet is no easy task. The IT team scoped, modelled and implemented a very effective solution.

Our IT team is always looking for ways to continue to improve. If you would like to suggest ways in which this intranet may be improved, please contact [email protected]

3. Cyber security

Our strategic partnerships with specialist vendors, such as Security In Depth, enable us to draw on the expertise required to protect and secure data within the network. Our implementation of regular simulated phishing campaigns, associated with a staff and executive training program, enable us to build cyber resilience at both individuals and practice levels.

4. Vendors and partners

We are building a strong foundation of vendors and strategic partners to support our continued success. Are you looking for a vendor to assist with a project in your office? If so, we invite you to reach out to us at [email protected] We will happily share our vendor relationships with you.