Our collaborative teams are the innovators and thought leaders of our Bentleys community.

It is in these teams that shared strategy is designed and implemented.

Bentleys’ collaborative teams include:

  • Working Groups
  • Technical Advisory Groups (TACs)
  • Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

The teams span a wide range of specialisations and include:

  • Network BD team
  • IT Working Group
  • HR Working Group
  • Agribusiness SIG
  • Audit & Assurance TAC
  • Business Advisory Services TAC
  • Firm of the Future SIG
  • Health & Ageing SIG
  • International SIG
  • Superannuation SIG
  • Tax TAC
  • R&D SIG
  • Risk & Assurance TAC
  • Wealth TAC

Each team reports ultimately to the CEO and the National Management Board, and has their own terms of reference with specific objectives.

Do you have a suggestion or challenge for any of these teams? If so, please share them via [email protected]