Streamline the preparation of your tax returns

To assist you with the preparation of your 2021 tax returns, we’ve developed a series of worksheets and checklists to guide you through the information and paperwork required.

Please click on the links below for the items relevant to you.

The documents have been supplied in Word format so that you can complete and save them electronically or print and fill out by hand. For clients of Bentleys Queensland, you can return these forms to us by either:

  • sending them back to us via the VFX Secure File Transfer Service. This service ensures the security of your documents and safety of your privacy. For details on our privacy policy please visit here.
  • sending them to us via post at GPO Box 740, Brisbane QLD 4000.

Instructions for using VFX

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Download and complete the below forms for the year ended 30 June 2021 if you:

Have Employment Income And Deductions:

  • Includes any incurred expenses in relation to the investments you hold
  • Includes claiming for working-from-home (home office expenses)

Received Income From Investments Including Bank Deposits, Shares and Trust Holdings

Purchased Or Sold Any Investments During The Year

Have Rental Income From Investment Properties

Have A Spouse Who Is Preparing Their Own Return

Are Entitled To Claim Deductions For Any Of The Following:

  • Made a Personal Deductible Superannuation Contribution
  • Donations
  • Any other deductions, such as Personal Accident Insurance, Audit Insurance, Tax Agents Fees


Have Private Medical Cover:

  • You will need to provide us with your annual statement from your insurance provider.

Operated A Business:

  • Use this checklist as a guide for the information we will require from you
  • Where appropriate we will send Depreciation and Livestock Schedules to you by separate email


If you have any questions please contact your

Bentleys Advisor