By Cristina Clemente
Partner, Business Services and Advice

When COVID-19 first impacted the world back in early 2020, it was the uncertainty that really impacted I think not only our firm but also our clients and everyone worldwide – the uncertainty of the impact on the economy, the uncertainty of whether businesses would cope, the uncertainty of whether individuals would lose their jobs and the concern on people’s health.

During the first three to four months, our clients were concerned with how they would survive financially and they looked to us for advice on all the government stimulus assistance available both at the federal and state level. They turned to us as their trusted advisors to help them get through this period where the uncertainty was extremely concerning.

At the same time as a firm, we had to very quickly turn to change the way our business operated from our homes. This was a huge task for our IT and corporate services team to coordinate. Not only did we have to make sure our people were able to do their job from home continuing to assist clients and keeping them up to date with the ongoing changes, but it was also critical they felt safe, that their jobs were secure and their overall well-being was of utmost importance to us. Our Corporate Services team played an extremely important role in keeping us engaged as a firm.

Eighteen months down the track, we have come to terms with COVID-19 being part of our lives and this is the new norm. We have been very fortunate in South Australia that we have not been as impacted by lock-downs to the extent of other states, however, it has still financially impacted some clients and their businesses especially those in the hospitality and tourism industry each time the restrictions are tightened.

So if you’re a business that has been impacted by COVID-19, we encourage you to use the government support and make contact with us. We are here to help you.

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