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Digital disruption, changing consumer trends, technology advances and overseas imports –all of these things hold the promise of new opportunities and innovation for businesses. But if you’re an established business in today’s market, these factors may actually introduce challenges that can pose a significant threat to your business livelihood.

When faced with challenges that have the potential to negatively impact your business, you – like the majority of hard-working business owners – probably ‘get stuck in’ and work even harder just to stay afloat.

Before long, the pressure and stress that comes with working harder becomes overwhelming. ‘Business as usual’ can become more than you can juggle. Fears of liquidation, voluntary administration, bad debt and insolvency become more than just passing thoughts. In the worst case scenario, your business can become vulnerable and the consequence can be business failure.

But there is a silver lining in this cloud of despair. There is help and expertise available to you that can help you to avoid a downward spiral. It starts with applying some key actions early and taking steps that can make a significant difference to the options you have ahead.

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Bentleys can help you to get your business back on track.

Bentleys are chartered accountants and business advisors with a 70+ year background working with small to medium businesses across Australia who are tackling tough business challenges.

We have extensive experience dealing with businesses in distress and stakeholders such as creditors, financiers, ATO and ASIC. This means that we can help you to face and conquer the challenges and issues that seem insurmountable.

Over our long history working nationwide with businesses of all shapes and sizes tackling tough business challenges we’ve seen the most positive outcomes for those who take action and start putting solutions in place sooner rather than later.

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We’re confident that we can help to make a significant difference to the options you have ahead.

The Bentleys Corporate Recovery team is approachable, communicative and commercially practical.

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