I build strategic decision-making tools that allow organisations to improve business performance, better understand their financial position and evaluate growth opportunities with scenario testing & analysis.

Campbell Kennett specialises in building financial models and data-driven decision-making tools for clients across a wide range of industries including Agriculture, Aged Care, Healthcare, Energy, Mining, Food & Beverage, and Buy Now Pay Later. He supports businesses’ decision-making by forecasting their performance and using scenario analysis to understand the impact of their strategy, product offering and investment decisions. This enables a clearer understanding of strategic options and greater confidence in making the right decisions.

He also assists business owners in leveraging powerful data visualisation tools to interpret a consolidated view of their organisations and analyse overall operating performance. He has built financial models for large ASX-listed companies, as well as for SMEs and start-ups to support their growth journey.

Campbell has published three professional education books aimed at helping professionals use Excel, PowerPoint, and Word more efficiently. He is passionate about empowering professionals with greater confidence in the tools they use at work every day, ultimately enhancing their performance.

The Bentleys crew are like extra team members in our small business. Complex problems are explained in terms that we can understand, and nothing is too much trouble.

SME Client Queensland

Qualifications/Professional Memberships/Appointments

  • CFA Level III Candidate
  • Bachelor of Commerce with Honours

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