Luca Di Giulio

Luca Di Giulio

What is your role, what did you study at university and where are you working?

My role is an Auditor at Bentleys WA. I studied Accounting and Business Law at UWA.

What does a typical day in the office look like? What tasks do you do? What challenges do you face?

A typical day at work ranges from working in the office, or travelling out to the clients office to complete fieldwork. I complete a variety of tasks ranging from the testing of material balances and sample selections, to the drafting and reviewing of financial reports. Each day is different so you’re never really doing the same thing two days in a row.

What is the structure of your grad program like?

As a grad I came in not knowing a whole lot. From the get go I was doing fieldwork at client offices which really helped, as I was learning on the job. Eventually with more experience and as your knowledge grows, you are given more and more responsibility.

The best part of your job and working at Bentleys?

The best part of my job is that I am never doing the same thing twice in a row, and I am constantly challenged with new tasks and experiences. Working at Bentley’s is great as there is a real focus on the social side of working which makes in fun to come to work each day.

Tips for new graduates as they finish up their degrees and apply for graduate programs?

Tips for new graduates applying for grad programs would be to present yourself well, and do your research about the company before you go in for an interview. Asking a question about the company shows the interviewers you are interested in the business, and have done your research.


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