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The Voice of Australian Business

The Voice of Australian Business

The Thought Leader of Australian Business

The results are in!

What do business owners think about business confidence, the NBN and outsourcing?

You can find the answers to this in the latest edition of Bentleys The Voice of Australian Business Survey.

Not just about business in capital cities

The Voice of Australian Business Survey also looks at differences between metro businesses (those based in capital cities) versus non-metro businesses (those located outside a capital city).
Bentleys seeks to understand the unique issues facing both metro and non-metro businesses.

About The Voice of Australian Business Survey

In 2014 Bentleys conducted the inaugural Voice of Australian Business Survey with a focus on:

  • perceived obstacles to achieving business success and opportunities for growth, 
  • the impact of foreign investment in Australia, 
  • the value of new technologies such as cloud services, 
  • the effect of Australia’s industrial relations legislation, and 
  • levels of business confidence
Bentleys first survey release for 2015 focused on:
  • tax and compliance,
  • business confidence and growth,
  • foreign investment, and
  • technology
The second survey for 2015 looks at:
  • Digital Disruption
  • Operating Overseas
  • Predicted growth industries, and
  • Business Confidence
The results of the 2016 survey are in and examine:
  • Business confidence
  • Outsourcing
  • Attitudes towards technology and the NBN
  • Superannuation and retirement
  • Domestic and international influences

Get more information and resources

Download the latest results from the Voice of Australian Business Survey 5 here.

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