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Why Work For Us?

Why Work For Us?

Why Bentleys

Bentleys offers you the 'right fit' for your career. We have a strong and loyal client base, dedicated team of professionals, and impressive network of colleagues in other professional services and industries.
You will benefit from professional development opportunities, including:

Technical training – From introductory training of graduates through to detailed tax updates, our internal and external training is delivered on local and national levels. Yearly conferences provide you with an opportunity to network and build the relationships you need to grow your career.
Non-technical training – You will be provided with skills training to assist you in becoming a trusted business advisor. Our trainers assist with etiquette, negotiation, networking, time and stress management training.
We also encourage staff to pursue opportunities for appropriate external training.

Bentleys has a strong commitment to work- life balance. We believe that balancing your lifestyle with your work enhances your career. Being encouraged and supported to focus on clients, not just revenue, means that our staff are more satisfied and can take pride in 'a job well done'. Our client service approach is articulated through the Bentleys Experience. Our commitment to unmatched client service is ingrained in our staff, our systems and our services. 
Client service initiatives are embedded into our staff culture and team values, known as the PRIDE concept.
  • Passion to drive client success
  • Respect for the differences that make our team strong
  • Integrity to be objective and independent
  • Discipline in process innovation and commitment
  • Excellence  - in all that we do
The Bentleys team 'live' these values – it’s “the way we do business around here”.

We drive client success with fresh thinking and practical business advice. It’s what we like to call 'Thinking Ahead'