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Why Choose Bentleys

Why Choose Bentleys

There are many reasons to choose Bentleys:

  • We deliver exceptional client service and sound, strategic solutions.
  • We have a long history of providing clarity, knowledge and innovation to businesses of all sizes.
  • We are proud of our lineage and the strong track record that has seen Bentleys provide expert advice for over 60 years.
  • We have a diverse mix of staff in a number of countries and our collective background spans a broad cross-section of industries.
  • As a progressive firm, we are constantly adapting to the changing business environment.

We are focused on you, our valued client

We enjoy long and successful relationships with many businesses, public organisations and family groups. We are large enough to offer you a range of expertise yet flexible enough to give you personalised service. This is The Bentleys Experience.

We think ahead. We provide innovative solutions

We help you achieve your business potential by providing creative and practical solutions.

We are The Voice of Australian Business

We understand your business.

  • As The Voice of Australian Business, we have conducted some of the widest and most comprehensive surveys of small and medium businesses in Australia.
  • We listen to the concerns, needs and priorities of small and medium businesses.
  • We know what factors are influencing your industry and we are well positioned to give you timely and well-structured advice.
  • We have plans to expand The Voice into other countries.
We are thinking Digitally with the Bentleys App

In line with our commitment to Thinking Ahead we are also thinking digitally with the creation of the Bentleys App. This app has been developed to allow easy access to relevant information. Future releases will include increased functionality to allow even greater access to information and features to support our Advisors and Clients. 

In simple terms – we think ahead.