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Our History

Our History

Our History

The story so far...
On July 1st, 1948, Jim Rawlins, a former partner of Joseph Kenna & Co and Harry Bolton, a former partner of GE Jones & Co founded the firm of JL Rawlings, Bolton and Co in Queensland.  This was the origin of the firm that would eventually become known as Bentleys.  

History in the making...
During the 1970s, JL Rawlings, Bolton and Co joined the Bentleys National Association – changing its name to Bentleys, Wheeler, Carledge and Co. For over twenty five years, Rawlings and Bolton led the firm through impressive growth and achievement – with both men retiring in 1972. By their retirement, the firm had established itself as a successful Queensland practice boasting seven partners and a dedicated group of professional and support staff. During the 1970s, due to an expansion of commercial activity in Brisbane, the firm formally introduced auditing services. In 1979, the firm known today as Bentleys Adelaide was established, offering services to individuals and businesses both nationally and internationally.

The 1980s saw further growth for the firm with the addition of insolvency to its list of services. In 1981, the firm shortened its name to Bentleys & Co and in 1989 became simply Bentleys. The 1980s also saw the establishment of Bentleys Newcastle – a firm specializing in accounting advice from all areas of commerce, industry and not-for-profit organizations. During the 1990s, the firm relocated from Hooker House on Creek Street to AMP Place in Eagle Street. In 1998 Bentleys adopted ‘MRI’ to its name to signify its partnership with Moores Rowland International. In 2007, MRI made way for Praxity – an international group of independent accounting firms.
Expanding the horizon...
In 2009, Bentleys extended its services to Perth with the merger of Rix Levy Fowler – a practice established by Don Levy in 1975. 2010 saw further expansion for Bentleys with four senior partners exiting another mid-tier accounting firm to found Bentleys NSW. To accommodate for a growing team, Bentleys Queensland relocated to a 6 Star Green building at 123 Albert Street in mid-2011.

2012 saw Bentleys join Kreston International – a global alliance of independent accounting firms. In 2013 a Melbourne accounting firm named McLean Delmo merged with Bentleys, further expanding the range of services offered within Victoria. 2013 also saw two Tasmanian firms merge to form Bentleys Tasmania. This addition cemented the current structure of Bentleys.

In addition to our regional and capital city based firms, Bentleys also has two affiliated firms: Tribe Strategic Accountants in Canberra and Stephen A Maher & Co in Tamworth. 

Thinking ahead...
Today, Bentleys offer services in accounting, audit and assurance, business advisory, corporate recovery, financial planning, superannuation, trusts and estates, and taxation. The Bentleys National Association has grown to a total of 17 offices in 3 countries, with 39 Equity Partners, 84 Partners in total and 516 staff. 
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