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Bentleys Secure File Transfer System

To log in to the Bentleys Secure File Transfer System please select your Bentleys office location below.

If you do not have an account please contact your Bentleys advisor.
All users of Bentleys secure client account service are subject to “My Business” Service Terms of Use
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Bentleys in the Cloud

Bentleys in the Cloud

Elevate your business with the Cloud

Be liberated from the administrative burden of managing the compliance tasks associated with managing your business finances with the cloud and Bentleys.

Cloud-based accounting solutions offer businesses secure access to their business finances at any time, anywhere.

Innovate with Bentleys

Cloud computing allows you to store your data remotely and access it anywhere, anytime. If you have used social media, an app or internet banking, you are a user of cloud computing already.

Since 2010 Bentleys have been advocates of cloud-based accounting solutions. 

Our directors have been appointed to advisory councils to contribute to developing innovative cloud services. 

We partner with many cloud service providers so our clients can choose a cloud service that best suits them and their business.

Liberate your time with the Cloud

Business owners want accounting software that’s easy to use and simple to understand.

Bentleys estimates that clients can save up to 75 per cent of their time spent on administrative and compliance tasks by adopting innovative, cloud-based accounting solutions.

For information about our Cloud Solutions team, click here.

Think Ahead. Talk to Bentleys today about elevating your business to the Cloud.